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About Project Survival Summer Basketball

The Project Survival Basketball League will be played at Bentalou Recreations Center, 222 N. Bentalou St. Baltimore, MD 21223. This league is funded by collecting donations from the community. With that funding is able to sponsor this league, so that it is totally free to its participants.

Project Survival Basketball was created by Mr. Vernon H.Wolst, Jr.  this league pay’s homage to his legacy and continues the tradition.  Mr. John Murdock from Oliver Recreation Center in Baltimore also continues the summer basketball league for the 12-14 and 14-16 age groups.

9 and Under

This league will feature 4 teams of 12 players within the age range of 7 and 9 year old children. Registration is Friday June 9, 2017 at 6pm at this event the teams will be formed. Games begin play Wednesday July 5, 2017. There games will be played on Monday and Wednesdays between 6 and 7pm.  See Full Schedule BelowDSCN3514

11 and Under

This league will feature 4 teams of 12 players within the age range of 10 and 11 year old children. Registration is Friday June 16, 2017 at 6pm at this event the teams will be formed. Games begin play Thursday July 6, 2017. There games will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6 and 7pm.  See Full Schedule BelowDSCN3532

13 and Under

This league will feature 4 teams of 12 players within the age range of 12 and 13 year old children. Registration is Friday June 23, 2017  Games began play Thursday July 6, 2017. There games will be played on Monday through Thursday at 8pm.  See Full Schedule BelowDSCN3518


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Itsuitsyou is so very proud of its Supporters. The words "Thank You" are very genuine but seem to fall short on how much we really appreciate each of your belief in helping "A GOOD KID HAVE A GREAT SUMMER"... We want to reward your trust by letting you know that every dollar collected is going directly to funding the Project Survival Summer Basketball League at Bentalou Recreation Center. .

Sheri Holder

“Thank you Paul Franklin for allowing me to share.”

Theresa Lady Raven Scott

“Anytime I can help you and Lessie just count me in…”

Carolyn Bowman Brown

“It was my pleasure to help, I look forward to coming to some of the games.”

Charles Johnson-Bey

I am always willing to support our young people in a psoitive way.”

Colleen Hill

“Yes, Thank you for what you are doing for our chilren.”



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League Schedule


League Standings

Each age groups standings will be updated on Friday evenings after all the weeks games have been played.

9 and Under

  1. Hornets    6-0

  2. Wizards  5-1

  3.  Celtics   1-5

  4. Heat    0-6

11 and Under

     Pacers    5-0

     76ers    4-1

  1. Knicks    1-4

  2.  Bucks   1-4

13 and Under

     Nets   4-0

  1.  Cavs    3-1

  2.  Lakers    1-2

  3. Warriors   1-3

  4.  Magic    0-4


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ItSuitsYou promises that 100% of your donation goes directly to funding the Project Survival Summer Basketball League, Also your donation is Tax deductible. .

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League Rules


Project Survival Summer Basketball League

  1. All league games will be governed by the official basketball rules as adopted by the Baltimore Department of Parks and Recreations with the exceptions of the special league rules adopted by Project Survival.
  2. A team must be fully registered with Project Survival.  Roster forms must be filled out by each team and turned in before their first game.  If rosters are unchanged, rosters may carry over from one game to another.  Any team playing a player not on its roster will forfeit the game.  Players may be added to the roster during the session, but they must fill out the appropriate paper work before playing.
  3. Players must play in the age division that their identification prescribes them. Players celebrating a birthday during the season (July 6, 2015 and Aug 13, 2015) are eligible to play in the age division that they are at registration or higher. No player can play down to a lower age division.  Project Survival reserves the right to amend this rule in special circumstances.
  4. Players may only play on one age appropriate team. They may not play on multiple teams in different age groups.
  5. All players must play at least 1 full quarter per game.
  6. Teams must be able to field a team of at least four players.  If a team fails to have four players on the court at game time, they will be given ten minutes before a forfeit is called.  At any time during a game when a team drops below four players due to injury or disqualifications, the game is forfeited.
  7. Teams that field a team with less than four players may fill their squad with other players in order to play the game, but the game will be ruled a forfeit.
  8. All players should at least have the right color shirt on with numbers on the back of their jerseys.
  9. The game will be divided into (4) 8 minute quarters with a 5 minute halftime break. The clock will run continuously and stop only during time‐outs and the last two minutes of the game on dead balls and whistles.   In case of overtime, the first overtime period will consist of four minutes. The second overtime period will be a sudden death format. The first team that scores will be the winner. . If a twenty‐point lead occurs, the clock will run continuously during the last two minutes.
  10. Acts of disrespect or intimidation, while not directed specifically toward opposing players, coaches or officials, are still considered unsportsmanlike and could result in a technical foul or an ejection.  Project Survival encourages its coaches to act professionally at all times.
  11. Teams will be allowed three time‐outs per half to be used at any time. These timeouts will be for forty seconds. Teams will be issued one additional time‐out for the overtime period.  Previous time outs remaining will carry over to overtime periods. – In the event that a team is leading by 20 or more points, Project Survival strongly emphasizes that the team leading not use remaining time outs unless it is for substitution purposes or in cases of emergency.
  12. Prior to each league starting, the schedules will be posted on Project Survival website at under the “Schedules” link.  Notification of these schedules being posted will be e‐mailed to the team contacts.  It is the responsibility of the teams to locate their schedule and appear for their scheduled games.
  13. If a team cancels without approval from Project Survival, it will be recorded as a loss and a win for the team that they were scheduled to play.  Every attempt will be made to fill the game at that time.
  14. Pressing: Teams may not go past the top of the key extended. Offensive teams may not attempt to stall or delay to circumvent this rule. It is at the referee’s discretion if this is happening, and the ball may be awarded to the defensive team
  15. Pressing if a twenty‐point lead occurs:League teams must drop back to the top of the key extended.
  16. It is mandatory as a matter of sportsmanship, that all teams will shake hands before and at the end of each game.
  17. A technical foul policy and crowd warning policy will be enforced for coaches, players, and spectators.
  18. If, in the opinion of Project Survival officials, unsportsmanlike behavior from the coaches, players, parents, or fans has put the game out of control, the offending team will forfeit the game. This could result in suspension from the league.
  19. In case of inclement weather, call 410-396-0105 or check the website to verify if games will be played or canceled. Final determination of games being canceled will be made by 3:00 pm or earlier on the day of the game.
  20. Project Survival reserves the right to modify rules and regulations as it deems appropriate and that all rules and regulations listed as a guide.

League Rules PDF VERSION